About MDSO

The May Day Student Organization was founded in March 2019 and traces its roots to the 2018 May 1st occupation of The New School cafeteria in New York City. In that struggle, students and workers united to protect the jobs of over 30 cafeteria employees, and successfully imposed our demands on the administration. Students involved in the occupation saw the pressing need for a permanent and disciplined organization with a fighting capacity to wage future struggles. The MDSO aims to link the popular demands of students city- and nation-wide with working class struggles against capitalist exploitation and oppression.

Our membership is composed of current university students, graduates of the student movement, and political activists who want a university that serves the people. Our goal is to build a city-wide student movement around the demands in our program, which is the result of extensive research into the US education system, and years of experience in student organizing.

The basis of unity of the members of the MDSO is agreement with our program. As a mass organization, our goal is to unite all who can be united around specific student demands.

To get involved, please read our program, and get in touch to learn more and attend a meeting.

May 2018