We Stand with Palestine

The current campaign of Israeli airstrikes and artillery fire in the Gaza Strip has killed hundreds of Palestinian people, including dozens of children. The Zionist government has destroyed medical facilities, libraries, residential apartment blocks, and basic infrastructure. Over 42,000 Palestinians have been internally displaced.

This ongoing atrocity has been one part of a wave of crimes and provocations, including: the continued expropriation of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem and elsewhere for the benefit of Jewish colonists, the violent storming of the al-Aqsa Mosque, increased assassinations of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers, intensified repression of popular demonstrations, a reinforcement of the military occupation (checkpoints, curfews), and pogroms committed by far-right mobs with the participation of the Israeli police.

Though some have grotesquely attempted to cast these events as part of a symmetrical struggle between rivals or “neighbors,” the real relationship between Israel and Palestine is that of colonizer to colonized. Israel aims to expel the Palestinian nation from its homeland and annex the entirety of Palestinian territory. The expansion of the Israeli state, protected by US imperialism, has always been paid for by the blood of Palestinians, who have been continually dispossessed, murdered, and displaced.

Revolutionary students call for the complete unity of the working class of all nations under the banner of proletarian internationalism. National oppression presents a fundamental obstacle to this ultimate goal by raising national contradictions to the level of antagonism, making the national question the principal question of the day. The solution to the national question, in Palestine as elsewhere, is not for the oppressed to submit to the vile project of the oppressor state, but rather a determined struggle for national liberation, for the full national rights of Palestine.

The Palestinians have the right to self-determination, to arrange their national life as they see fit, in every domain, from schooling to politics. This means that no outside power can force a particular political arrangement on Palestine – one state or two, secular or religious – or otherwise interfere in its national life. But revolutionary students agitate for the outcome that best embodies the interests of the international working class: a single, secular, democratic state of its citizens, with equality for Palestinians and Jews, in all of historic Palestine.

We stand in solidarity with Palestinian resistance to Israeli crimes and call for the complete cessation of all violence committed against the Palestinians.

We salute the struggle of the Palestinians against Zionism, for the liberation of their land, as well as the struggle of anti-Zionist Jews.



From the MDSO Program:

For bringing the politics of the socialist revolution to the student body, in solidarity with people everywhere fighting for democracy and progress, via the following:

Coordinated political action with popular struggles of the domestic working class and oppressed peoples.

International support for all peoples, not states. Support for all peoples fighting against imperialisms (US, EU, Russian, Chinese, etc.), national oppression, and reaction.”