Content and Form: A Revolutionary Art Show Inspired by Our Program

Art can play an important and responsible role in political movements by raising revolutionary ideas to a higher plane, enriching them, and giving them a livelier, more intense content in a way that only art can.

This is why we are putting out an open call challenging artists of all mediums to illustrate any or all of the following 6 quotes containing key ideas from our program. Our program is our political basis of unity, and the foundation on which we are reconstructing the revolutionary student movement here in New York City.

All artists who submit their work by October 5th will be given a chance to display and speak about their art during a virtual zoom event held on October 24th, as well as to have their name and Instagram handle listed on the final event flier to be promoted two weeks in advance of the showcase.


Quote 1: “Under capitalism, science is used as a weapon against the working class, to rationalize production and intensify exploitation, rather than as a tool to meet the needs of the whole of society.”

Quote 2: “To fight means to integrate with the class struggle in workplaces and neighborhoods: on picket lines, in demonstrations, and everywhere working people are fighting unemployment, police terror, and deprivation. Students must promote and teach other students about these struggles, organize solidarity with deeds, and learn from working people in the class struggle.”

Quote 3: “ The division between manual labor and intellectual labor gives rise to relations of domination and subordination, which are necessary for capitalism to function. The manual/intellectual labor divide forms the basis for continuous reproduction of capitalism’s fundamental production relation: the separation of workers from the means of production.”

Quote 4:  “…[A]fter the social revolution, when working people become masters of society…the mental/manual division of labor will be definitively suppressed.”

Quote 5: “Higher education has increasingly become a commodity, and the bourgeoisie’s ideal student is the individualist consumer, driven exclusively by careerism and self-interest.”

Quote 6: For bringing the politics of the socialist revolution to the student body, in solidarity with people everywhere fighting for democracy and progress…Support for all people’s fighting against imperialisms, national oppression, and reaction!

If you would like to participate please fill out this google form: