The Task of Students in the Current Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has not only thrust thousands of people into unemployment and misery, but has exposed the pre-existing unstable conditions of all working people in America. This health crisis confirms the failure of the Trump administration—and the US imperialist state in general—to prepare for and prevent a colossal destruction of lives and livelihoods in the face of the acute social crises that periodically devastate capitalist society.

The government’s weak attempts at relief have given rise to widespread anger and frustration among the masses. Even those in difficult economic situations have been inspired to organize support for the rising numbers of unemployed, homeless, and virus-stricken among us. It is our duty to take up this spirit of class solidarity and work toward the unity and organization of the working masses. The MDSO is concentrating our forces on the following tasks:

1. Publishing concrete analyses of the current crisis as it develops and agitating among students. In particular, we must clarify the links between the health crisis and the failures of capitalism to meet the needs of the working masses.

2. Providing emergency relief to those hit hardest by the crisis. The ruling class tries to pacify the righteous anger of the mass movement with piecemeal reforms and aid programs. We encourage revolutionary students to support our independent efforts. By relying on our own forces, we resist incorporation by the bourgeois state.

By organizing students to build links with the broad working masses in this time of extreme need, we extend the student struggle beyond the university walls. We aim to popularize the call in our student program for students to unite with the broader class struggle:

Students must integrate their demands with existing working class struggles. By organizing to advance the socialist revolution, the progressive student demand for a university that serves the people becomes part of the larger struggle to put political power in the hands of the working class.”

The May Day Student Organization has taken up the following emergency food distribution project, initiated by our members:

The People’s Emergency Food Committee is organizing the delivery of large parcels of non-perishable food and supplies to those in need during the crisis. Our couriers are using strict precautions when handling, packaging, and delivering the parcels, which will be left outside of the homes and doors of the recipients to avoid direct contact and contamination. Contact us to get involved or donate resources.